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At Painting Professionals Inc, we specialize in many different painting services. See what we can do for you by exploring some of our many completed projects below!

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Commercial Warehouse Painting

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Use it wisely. Your facility says a lot about who you are and how your assets are maintained. At Painting Professionals, we can help maintain or create the image you need to stay competitive in today's active market. Our skilled team requires no shutdown time when it comes to panting your wharehouse.

Corporate Imaging Experts

Here at Painting Professionals, we're the preferred professional painters for a large number of big-name corporate buildings. If you want painters that you can trust, call Painting Professionals today. No job is too big for Painting Professionals! Make the best impression you can on your clients.


Our crews are all I-9 certified and work at your convenience. No shutdown of your business is required.

Industrial Painting Professionals


Industrial painting projects always require more than the basic aesthetic – contractors need to protect the materials of the building, reduce glare from sunlight, and even reduce the heat absorption from the hot Texas sun. With over 30 years in the industrial painting business, you can trust that your Painting Professionals team will be highly skilled and knowledgeable when it comes time for your next industrial paint job.

Reliable Office Painting

Your office space can be made new again with a brand new coat of paint from the Painting Professionals! Freshen up the building and give your company a nice working environment to help productivity flourish. 

Customers will appreciate the efforts you make to keep your office looking like a professional and proper workplace. Painting Professionals can give you reliable office painting at a fair cost! Contact us to get office painting and any other large scale paint jobs you might need by the Painting Professionals. 

Retail Center Painting

Nothing helps draw in business like a retail center painting. This is a sure fire way to make any strip center or retail center look new again and convey a message of hospitality to all your likely customers. 


Here at Painting Professionals, we handle jobs like this all the time. Our team will get it done faster and with better quality than any other painting company out there. Our Retail Center Painting services are one of the things we specialize in. If you need Retail Center Painting, don't hesitate to call us today!

Worship Center Painting

Worship Center Painting should always be handled by qualified painting experts. We can help with this type of high-quality commercial painting. If you are looking for Worship Center Painting, The Painting Professionals are more than capable of completing the job. 


Our crews are all I-9 certified and work at your convenience. No shutdown of your business is required.

Hospitality & Heavy Duty Cleaning

Here at Painting Professionals, our team goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. That means being kind and respectful, as well as doing the job to the best of our ability. We have done a lot of cleaning up over the years and PPE has been a part of our every day since day one. 

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